Jargar Strings | The Quality of Tone for Your Instrument
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Superior Strings

The Superior A and D strings sound
warm, round and powerful from the
first second after winding up the strings.

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“The Superior A and D strings sound warm, round
and powerful from the first second on after winding
up the string.

They both support full forte and deep piano colors.
Perfect for chamber music, orchestral playing
and solos. Very long-lasting and by far
the best price-performance ratio I know.”

- Sophie Abraham

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Even the most
beautiful body
needs a soul

Superior A and D for Cello

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Jargar Sound

The Quality Of Tone For Your Instrument

is a word that can be used more and more seldom.Yet in Copenhagen lies a company that upholds a tradition for world-class handmade strings for violin, viola, cello and double bass.

Brilliant Sound

At Jargar we have no string industry. We practice string craft. Our skilled stringmakers each finish about 60 perfect strings a day with care, dedication and professional pride to produce the unique and characteristic warm and brilliant sound of our strings.