Jargar Strings | The Quality of Tone for Your Instrument
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Superior Strings
The Superior A and D strings sound
warm, round and powerful from the
first second after winding up the strings.
“The Superior A and D strings sound warm, round
and powerful from the first second on after winding
up the string.

They both support full forte and deep piano colors.
Perfect for chamber music, orchestral playing
and solos. Very long-lasting and by far
the best price-performance ratio I know.”
- Sophie Abraham
Even the most
beautiful body
needs a soul
Superior A and D for Cello
"With Jargar's Superior cello strings I found my
perfect match!

The Jargar strings have a tremendous spectrum
of colors. They are very powerful,
and at the same time they can caress,
scratch, whisper, cry and laugh!"
- Soo-Kyung Hong
“The choice of the top quality Jargar strings
gives a possibility for everyone to find
the perfect match. No matter if you
are a professional or a student,
aiming to play in the orchestra, chamber music
or as soloist, you will be able to find
the best choice for your personality and type
of instrument.”
- Asja Valcic
"My search for the perfect string set is over!
The Jargar Superiors are fantastic - all four strings
have power and depth, with plenty of warmth to
the sound without sacrificing projection. They are
ready to play immediately. I am so happy to have
discovered these wonderful strings!"
- Joseph Johnson
Principal Cellist of The Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Violoncello Superior
- Strings for Performers

The Superior set sounds warm, round and powerful
from the first second after winding up the strings.
They are very well balanced and rich in overtones.
They support full forte and deep piano colors
and they are very projecting and responsive.
Superior strings are perfect for chamber music,
orchestral playing and solos. The strings are very
long-lasting which make them one of the best
price-performance ratio in the market.
Jargar Superior Strings
“Power, color, warmth, clarity, excellent
tone and sparkle with a dash of sizzle....
I finally found the perfect A & D Strings.”

- Zuill Bailey

Violin Superior
- Strings for Performers

The new Superior synthetic core strings for violin usher
a new era at Jargar. Now, Jargar can offer a top-notch
choice for professional musicians playing everything
from Solo to Chamber Music and much more.
For those players who demand the very highest
standards in sound quality, performance and reliability.
The warmth and colour is a truly extraordinary blend
resulting in a fantastic natural violin sound.
Every audience can enjoy a full projective sound
thanks to the combination of a unique core
technology and carefully selected winding materials.
The strings have a quick response. Especially soft
notes have a fantastic clarity without using
a lot of bow pressure.

Superior from Jargar
- Strings for Performers

"We spend every day in Trio Vitruvi trying
to unify our sound and become as one. We are
bringing two instruments with a century in
between closer together. Playing on strings,
exquisitely designed to work together across
instruments, makes a significant difference.
We play our part and we deeply thank Jargar
Superior for the rest.”

Niklas Walentin, violinist & Jacob la Cour,
cellist from Trio Vitruvi

The new Viola Superior
Strings are spot on

“With the new Viola Superior strings I get extra range to sink
in without breaking the sound. So enjoyable to play.”

- Youming Chen

Violist at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

The Superior strings are
powerful, yet sensitive

"The powerful, yet sensitive Jargar Superior
Strings allow us to create an unlimited
wide-ranging variety of colours, nuances,
and subtleties, while simultaneously
enabling us to produce a unified
quartet sound"

- Rolston String Quartet

Jargar Sound

The Quality Of Tone For Your Instrument

is a word that can be used more and more seldom.Yet in Copenhagen lies a company that upholds a tradition for world-class handmade strings for violin, viola, cello and double bass.

Brilliant Sound

At Jargar we have no string industry. We practice string craft. Our skilled stringmakers each finish about 60 perfect strings a day with care, dedication and professional pride to produce the unique and characteristic warm and brilliant sound of our strings.