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Jargar Strings | Cello




The Classic string is made of a flexible steel core which gives it the warm and brilliant Jargar sound. They are the result of nearly 60 years tradition of hand made cello strings developed by a cellist to cellists. The Classic strings produce a warm and powerful tone. Their playability, sound qualities and durability has made them the perfect choice for both amateurs and professionals for nearly 60 years.

Classic specifications

The Classic strings come in three different tensions – Forte, Medium and Dolce. The Classic also includes a High E string.

Ø Forte Medium Dolce
A 0,76 mm (18,5 kp) 0,75 mm (17,9 kp) 0,74 mm (16,3 kp)
D 0,99 mm (14,1 kp) 0,98 mm (14,0 kp) 0,97 mm (13,6 kp)
G 1,18 mm (13,6 kp) 1,17 mm (13,4 kp) 1,16 mm (13,0 kp)
C 1,72 mm (14,1 kp) 1,71 mm (13,8 kp) 1,70 mm (13,7 kp)
High E 0,44 mm 0,43 mm 0,43 mm


The Superior set sounds warm, round and powerful from the first second after winding up the strings. They are very well balanced and rich in overtones. They both support full forte and deep piano colors and they are very projective and responsive. Superior strings are perfect for chamber music, orchestral playing and solos. The strings are very long-lasting which make them one of the best price-performance ratio in the market. With the Superior A and D you have the traditional warm and rich Jargar Sound but more of it compared to the Classic A and D. The rope core G and C wounded with Tungsten have been created to match the more powerful sound of the Superior A and D. All in all you have a very well balanced set.

Superior specifications

The Superior A and D strings come three different tensions Forte, Medium and Dolce, Superior G and C only come in medium tension.

Ø Forte Medium Dolce
A 0,79 mm (19,1 kp) 0,78 mm (18,5 kp) 0,77 mm (17,7 kp)
D 1,02 mm (15,1 kp) 1,01 mm (14,7 kp) 1,00 mm (14,4 kp)
G - (14,1 kp) -
C - (14,5 kp) -
Silver Sound

Silver Sound

The G and C Silver Sound cello strings are made of a highly flexible steel core with an upper winding of pure silver, which makes the sound more like gut strings.

Silver Sound specifications

The Silver strings are made for the G and C strings. They come three different tensions Forte, Medium and Dolce.

Ø Forte Medium Dolce
G 1,16 mm 1,15 mm 1,14 mm
C 1,70 mm 1,69 mm 1,68 mm


The Special strings are built on the long tradition of the Classic A and D strings but they are more powerful than the Classic A string and D string. The secret is in the bigger thickness of the strings which give them more power, volume and brilliance and make them the perfect choice for solo playing, chamber music as well as orchestra playing.

Special specifications

The Special strings are made for the A and D strings. They come three different tensions Forte, Medium and Dolce.

Ø Forte Medium Dolce
A 0,77 mm 0,76 mm 0,75 mm
D 1,00 mm 0,99 mm 0,98 mm
Young Talent

Young Talent

By combining the techniques used for all our cello strings we have managed to create a new line of fractional strings – Young talent. The strings produce as our full size strings a warm, brilliant and powerful tone and they are easy to play on. These qualities make them the perfect choice both for beginners as well as highly talented advanced cellists.

Young Talent specifications

Young Talent strings exist in ¾, ½ and ¼. The Young Talent strings are only made in medium tension.

Ø Medium
A 0,76
D 0,99
G 1,18
C 1,71