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Jargar Strings | Viola




They are made of a very flexible steel core and they produce a big, powerful, distinct and well-balanced tone. They are easily combined with other brands and especially the A string is often combined with other brands.

Viola specifications

The Viola strings come in three different tension – Forte, Medium and Dolce. The A string is made both in the loop and ball end version.

Ø Forte Medium Dolce
A 0,45 mm 0,44 mm 0,43 mm
D 0,74 mm (8,4 kp) 0,73 mm (8,1 kp) 0,72 mm (7,6 kp)
G 0,81 mm (6,5 kp) 0,79 mm (6,4 kp) 0,77 mm (6,3 kp)
C 1,10 mm (6,1 kp) 1,08 mm (6,0 kp) 1,06 mm (5,5 kp)
Viola Superior

Viola Superior

In this current age where the demand of power to project sound from stage to audience is bigger than ever, you now have a new string solution – Viola Superior. The set gives you extra range to sink in without breaking the sound. It gives you the possibility to hear yourself even while playing soft. The sound is clear, concentrated and strong, and the pitch is easy to detect under the orchestra playing which makes it easier to adjust. The set offers a palette of sound. You have the flexibility of a synthetic core string, as well as the warmth and sweetness of gut strings. The strings are balanced top to bottom, on large and small violas. The set feels soft and easy for the left hand. The strings have a quick response and good left hand playability. It is very easy to mold the sound from the smallest PPP to a full blown FFF. All in all, you get a perfect set for orchestra, chamber music and solo playing.

Viola Superior specifications

The Viola Superior set is available in medium tension. The A strings comes with a removable ball end.

Ø Forte Medium Dolce
A - 8,20 kg -
D - 6,60 kg -
G - 5,60 kg -
C - 5,65 kg -
Silver Sound

Silver Sound

The G and C strings are also available with an upper winding of pure silver, which makes the sound more like gut strings. The G and C Silver Sound for viola is often combined with the normal A and D strings as a set to create a warmer and more round sound.

Silver Sound specifications

The viola silver strings are made for the G and C strings. They come in three different tensions – Forte, Medium and Dolce.

Ø Forte Medium Dolce
G 0,85 mm 0,85 mm 0,81 mm
C 1,07 mm 1,05 mm 1,03 mm